Will slushmageddon get in the way of our getting on the bus?

In 36 hours, at 5 am, I will be boarding a bus in downtown Rockville headed for the South. The weather mafia are warning that it may be snowing and sleeting. Even though it is officially spring, winter is coming back for a final smackdown. Hopefully all of us going on this trip will get up early and get to our bus stop safely so that we can “move that bus!”

I am thrilled to be taking this trip to all of the places I remember seeing in Eyes on the Prize and so many documentaries over the years. It’s been a dream of mine and now I am excited to share this powerful experience with my mother (Barbara), my daughters (Ruby & Jasper) and all of you.

I haven’t done a bus trip in so long, but it feels so appropriate to be boarding a bus, bringing back echoes of Freedom Rides, Rosa Parks’ act of resistance, the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the buses that brought marches to Washington, even the Million Man March.

All of us on this trip have a different life story. Some of us lived through the civil rights movement while others of us have benefited from the bravery of average and extraordinary people who put their lives on the line to make our country a more just and loving place for all. Some of us were children during the civil rights era, and others of us are children still. The fact that we are doing this together is a powerful statement about what really matters to us and the kind of America we believe. We aren’t spending this spring break in Disney World or on a beach for a reason. 

I look forward to sharing this adventure with you. I hope we can find as many things to laugh about as we can cry, for we will certainly cry, but maybe we will also sing. 

Feel free to share the link to this site with your family and friends and co-workers so that they can follow your journey and prepare to take it themselves in 2014.


Julie Drizin, Silver Spring

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